I rarely talk about work — at — in my blog, but I’m making an exception now to announce our new RSS feeds for our three daily newspapers on Florida’s Treasure Coast:

We’re starting off very simply, with just a few top stories each day rather than all the local news coverage. I hope to change that soon, and to offer feeds for more sections.

We are also offering JavaScript “includes” of these same headlines, a technique I have previously thoroughly scorned but which I have to admit is useful — it opens up syndication possibilities for people who know HTML and CSS, but not any scripting languages necessary to parse RSS.

HTML needs a “client-side include” technique other than JavaScript. OBJECT would be better if it didn’t have poor browser rendering and didn’t force the content to be a self-contained block. Part of the power of server-side includes, or their poor substitute of JavaScript document.write() calls, is the ability to insert pieces of invalid HTML — like a “header” segment that opens a few tags later closed by a “footer” segment.

Comment posted June 18, 2005, 7:05 pm

I use other newspapers' RSS feeds daily, yours are the only ones that want me to register to access content. I am not prepared to continually give out personal information to read content that can be accessed without doing so.

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